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Rattan or Fibre Reeds Sticks

To achieve a consistent and gradual dispersal of the fragrance throughout the room, we utilize two types of reeds – natural sticks, sourced from the core of the rattan plant, and advanced hi-tech sticks crafted from a specialized fibre developed through meticulous research conducted by CULTI in dedicated laboratories.

Made in Italy

Utilizing reed sticks, our product facilitates the gradual and uninterrupted release of fragrance into the surroundings. Crafted from the inner core of the rattan plant, our natural reed sticks ensure an organic diffusion process.

Serving as a conduit for the progressive and steady dispersal of scent throughout the environment, our technical sticks are ingeniously engineered using specialized fibers developed by CULTI MILANO within our laboratory.


Ensure that reeds are appropriately paired with the correct diffuser size and fragrances.

When replenishing, prior to pouring the new fragrance into the bottle, cleanse the bottle with alcohol, and consistently opt for a fresh set of reeds that aligns with the bottle's size.

Product Information

Reeds Size Height Type Suitable for
250ml 27.5cm Rattan Sticks 250ml Diffuser
500ml 34.5cm Rattan / Technical  Sticks 500ml Diffuser
1000ml 43cm Rattan / Technical Sticks 1000ml Diffuser
2700ml 59cm Technical Sticks 2500ml & 2700ml Diffuser
4300ml 75cm Technical Sticks 4300ml Diffuser


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