Nature Basics Silken Touch Pillow | Fabric: Silken Fabric 320 TC | Filling: Endless Clear Fiber | Smooth and silky

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Nature Basics Silken Touch pillow is suitable for individuals who want a silky smooth hotel pillow. 100% Premium Silken Touch Pillow. Fabric is extremely smooth and feels like silk. 

Dimension: 45x70x3cm

Fabric: Silken Fabric 320 Thread Count (Silk Like Microfiber).

Filling: Endless Clear Fibre (Silk Like Microfiber).

Filling Weight: 1200gms


What is the Endless Clear Fiber?

- Non-allergenic fiber

- LAB Tested

- Super soft silk like


Anti-dust mites , Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Fungi

Odourless & hypoallergenic

Soft, fluffy and comfortable

Delicate Craftsmanship. Snuggle and Hugging Effect.

Machine washable and long lasting.

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